HSG Promotion

Some of us may have blocked tubes without us realizing. By utilizing HSG test, blocked tubes can be detected. Don’t miss this opportunity, book the test with us now.


We are looking for Bachelor’s degree holder in biological science or any related field. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.


Job Description:

  1. You will undergo an extensive training in andrology and embryology laboratories.
  2. You are expected to spend most of your time in the laboratories performing clinical work,

Public Forum: Affordable IVF Plan For All Series 14

The public forum is a platform for couples who are trying to get pregnant to learn about the conventional and unconventional ways to have a baby of their own from our doctors and fertility specialists.

If you have been trying to conceive for over a year, come join us to get answers!

Melaka Public Forum – Affordable IVF for All

Our public forum is going to Melaka on 11 March 2017!

For you who not yet know about this public forum, it’s a platform where couples that have been trying for years to get pregnant to learn about the conventional way and non-conventional way to have a baby of their own from our doctors or fertility specialists and yoga master.

Public Forum: Mini IVF, Metro IVF Series 12

Affordable IVF Plan For All!

Trying to Conceive?
Been trying for a long, long time?
Wondering if there is something wrong?

You are invited to attend our Public Forum on 14/1/17!
In this forum, you will discover:
– What you need to do to improve your chances of pregnancy naturally…

Public Forum: Make Pregnancy Possible August 2016

Once again, our public forum is back and it falls on 13 August 2016, from 1.00 pm to 5.30 pm at Best Western I-City, Shah Alam. For those who are familiar with the event but had missed our last forum, please contact us as soon as possible to get the chance to register and participate.